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Planting Thuja Green Giant Hedge

Planting a Thuja Green Giant Hedge creates a beautiful evergreen privacy hedge. An excellent substitute or alternative for Leyland Cypress, the Thuja Green Giants are long lived trees and stand up strong against diseases.

Pachysandra Ground Cover In Shaded Garden

Here you will see what pachysandra often looks like in a shade garden landscape.
This is a younger pachysandra planting. As it ages, it will fill in and become thicker and create more coverage.

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Tree Seedlings For Sale From a Wholesale Nursery

Wholesale Trees
Gardening is a perfect way to bring nature to your home.  Earlier, it was considered a hobby, but with the passage of time, circumstances have changed and it has become  a necessity. Since climatic changes have caused an imbalance in the environment, therefore, it is vital to maintain the natural balance of the environment so that peace and harmony can prevail.By making a small garden or a window box in your house will help you contribute towards balancing the environment. There are many benefits of gardening. Firstly, it helps you preserve the natural flora and fauna of a place and secondly, it gives you a sense of satisfaction by watching plants and trees grow.
Gardening is a great form of exercise. It has been known to reduce stress, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety levels.  It also helps you reduce weight.  The vibrant colors of the garden invoke in you feelings of calmness, happiness and tranquility.  Gardening is a good pastime, but it can also be used as a therapy for refreshing your soul and mind. You might have heard the negative effects of pollution on the environment.  But plants can be considered as effective natural cleaners that absorb carbon dioxide and release clean oxygen. Moreover, a dense cover of soil helps in reducing erosion and holding the soil in place.
If you are nursery or in the trade and looking for seedlings, larger b&b or small container stock, email us your want list (with varieties, quantities and sizes) along with your company information and we can provide you with a quote. You can easily purchase wholesale nursery plants online without having to find time out of your busy schedule and go out for shopping. Visiting physical nurseries would take lots of time. While, with the help of online nursery plants, you can pick the ones that best suit your needs. There are many websites that deal with tree seedlings for sale. Depending upon your personal choices and needs, you can pick the ones that suits you.
https://www.greenwoodnursery.com is one such reputed website that has made the entire process of finding suitable tree seedlings easy and hassle free. You can browse through the categories and pick the trees  or shrubs that you require. You just need to add the items to your cart and following simple steps you can checkout. Within a few business days, your order will be shipped right to your doorstep taking immense precautions and care.
Below, we are going to share a brief guidance on various types of trees and their various features. All these trees are easily accessible from the website and will be delivered to you in the good condition. You can shop from the website within a few minutes and it will be delivered to you. Nothing can be easier than finding tree seedlings online.  Go through the below details to get brief information about the various types of trees and their features. This information will help you reach to decision. Anchor
Shade trees
Shade trees are the perfect addition that you can make to your garden. No matter whether your garden is small is big, planting some shade trees accordingly will not only provide shade, but will also make your house cooler reducing the energy costs. These plants will allow you to create a sitting arrangement in your garden where you can enjoy the summer evenings. Also, there are many small shrubs which grow better in partial sun or shade and planting shade trees will help them to grow better. Visit www.greenwoodnursery.com to find a great variety of shade trees and make a perfect selection according to your garden size and other plants that you have planted.
Flowering trees
If you are interested in making your garden more attractive, then flowering trees can make your dream realize. Along with providing proper shade, they will create a colorful view in your garden. Japanese maple Coral Bark, Hibiscus Lady Stanley, Dynamite Crape Myrtle, Tulip Poplar and Hibiscus Lucy Tree are some of the many flowering trees that you can choose for your garden. Whatever plant you are going to choose, make sure it makes a perfect contrast with the other small and big plants in your garden.
Privacy trees
Do you want to have some privacy from the outsiders? Then creating a fence of trees is the best ideas. No doubt that you may have your choice, but it would be better if you choose the dense growing plants with tight branching as this will block the view. As there are many such trees that can create a perfect hedge, you can visit www.greenwoodnursery.comand view the list of privacy trees. Some of the fastest growing trees that you will find are Carolina Sapphire Cypress, Green Ash, Poplar Hybrid and Willow Hybrid.
Nut and Fruit trees
How good it will be if can you get fresh nuts and fruits in your home. And it’s more amazing that you are not required to something special for that. As these trees can also provide you shade, you can choose them for double purposes. These trees will also attract birds to your garden and will give you a chance to enjoy full nature at your home. As there are a number of nurseries providing trees, you can visit www.greenwoodnursery.com if you are looking for wholesale nursery plants.
Evergreen trees
As the name depicts, these plants remain green the whole year and thus, are the best for creating a privacy hedge. Evergreen trees are also good for adding greenery to your garden at the time when all other trees shed their leaves. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you are choosing evergreen trees for privacy hedges, then you should look for fast and densely growing trees. While choosing evergreen trees, you should look for the trees which demand less care and low maintenance. There is a lot of variety to choose from, which varies on the basis of height and growth rate; so, make a selection as per your requirements. 

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Landscape Shrubs: Best Plant Choices for Your Garden

Having a beautiful and attractive garden is a dream of plant lovers. Often the biggest problem is where to find a source for strong healthy plants and which one will be best depending upon soil type and weather conditions. Now you simply think about your dream and Greenwood Nursery will help you to fulfill all your desires with its online shopping facility for plants. One of the best things about www.greenwoodnursery.com is how you can select plants based your soil type, light availability and some other important contributing factors so that you work on most suitable plants as per your location. We all know that plants need friendly weather conditions to survive so why not to go for right selection of indoor as well we outdoor plants so that they can survive for long time.

Here we are talking about landscape shrubs and generally the best time to plant them is from March to June for spring and September to November for fall. Although container grown type plants can be easily planted at any time of year. Landscape bushes always appear attractive in small gardens of home and they can provide elegant appearance to your landscape.

For a plant lover, it would always be difficult to list out his favorite plants because he loves them all equally due to their wonderful appearance and beauty but when we talk about Viburnum Shrub it naturally brings a smile as it is most versatile pick. The fragrant flowers over Viburnums attract lots of birds and surely keep your garden full of life. 

Other beautiful option for your landscape is Burning Bush Shrub because they are simply the excellent choice for those gardeners who really have very less time to spend for caring for plants. This flowering shrub can provide a lovely look to your landscape especially in fall with its brilliant red foliage and small flowers that will slowly turn into tiny red berries, one of the favorite item for most of birds. These hardy shrubs can be planted over any type of soil, including alkaline and they will serve you with most appealing natural shape.

If you live in the area of moist soils with cooler temperatures then Willow Shrub may be a suitable option for you. Willow shrubs are fast growing shrubs and can create a privacy hedge within only a few years.  

You can also Buy Rose Plants Online at GreenWoodNursery.com because here you will surely get some of the best plant collections that will make your garden look inviting.

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How to Revamp Overgrown Gardens

Gardens and landscapes need yearly maintenance to keep them healthy, but so often these spaces go years without attendance and become hot messes. This can happen for many reasons. Illness can keep someone from tending to the garden. A home that is in the process of being sold and re-bought often sees it’s landscaping suffer. Some folks just give up for a season for whatever reason and find themselves overwhelmed with what the following year brings. For whatever reason, gardens can become overgrown, and they need to be put back in their place. So how do you go about that?

Reclaiming gardens is best done in the early spring, before much of the new growth begins to happen. This is the best time to move plants (often needed to revamp overgrown gardens!) and prune overgrowth and dead wood on most trees and shrubs.

The first thing you need to do is assess what plants exist that you don’t want to remove. Identify all trees, shrubs, and perennials that you intend to keep. Mark them with stakes or tie a bright ribbon on them- whatever you need to do to see what you have that’s staying.

Next, if you have overgrown clumps of perennials, it’s time to divide them. Either save divisions for transplanting elsewhere, or give them away. You can temporarily store divisions of perennials in plastic nursery pots, or if you’re rehoming the divisions right away, storing them in plastic grocery bags works fine. How to divide perennials.

The next thing you’ll want to do is rejuvenate your shrubs and trees with some pruning. First, concentrate on basic pruning needs. Remove all dead branches and wood down to the live growth. Next, to determine what pruning your particular plants needs have going forward, the internet is a great resource. There are two basic types of rejuvenation pruning techniques- hard pruning and gradual pruning. Shrubs that respond well to hard pruning include dogwoods, hydrangeas, lilacs, and spirea. Plants that do better with gradual pruning techniques include viburnums and euonymous. This is a helpful article on how to properly execute rejuvenation pruning.

Finally, it’s time to remove the weeds. There are lots of ways to remove weeds. The most effective but the most controversial weed eradication method involves herbicides. Glyphosate is a highly effective and fast working herbicide that kills all types of plant growth - both broadleaves and grasses.

Here is a basic tutorial on how to use roundup in the garden without killing the plants you intend to keep. Roundup, or glyphosate, is highly volatile, meaning it breaks down into safe compounds in the garden very fast. Once you kill your weeds with it, the garden is safe to plant in again in about 10 to 20 days.

Other ways to remove weeds involve the manual removal of weeds by hand and with hand tools. This is a lot of hard work, which can be good for you- but it’s not the most effective on the first round. Often with manual removal, some root or runner material is left of the weed, and these tough plants often come back days after removing. 

You can also remove weedy growth by smothering it under layers of wet cardboard, newspaper, paper bags, or even landscape plastic. There’s no one right way to win the war on weeds.

Reclaiming overgrown gardens is a big job, but it’s a fun job that’s well worth the work. Happy reclaiming!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Best Perennial Shade Plants For Your Shade Garden

Choosing the best perennial shade plants for your shade garden can sometimes be a challenging task. Many shaded areas of the landscape have moist to slightly damp soil and very little sunlight.  While this will limit your selection of what plants will not only grow, but also thrive in these conditions.

Select plants from this perennial plants list, and your shaded garden area is sure to become one of your favorite parts of your landscape. 

For shade gardens with moist soil, plant an assortment of potted and bare root ferns.  Autumn Brilliance Ferns are evergreen with green to bronze foliage to brighten up dark areas. Larger growing ferns, like the Cinnamon and Royal ferns can add a tropical feel. The Ostrich fern is known for its edible fiddleheads, which to many is considered a culinary delicacy. For a low growing ground cover, plant the Arborvitae fern.

A favorite of perennial shade plants is the Hosta. The Golden Tiara hosta produces beautiful foliage of lime green with lighter golden green edging.  Hosta Patriot is a variegated green leaf hosta with creamy white outer margins. For large spaces, plant the Sum and Substance and be amazed with its huge blue green leaves. If you’re limited in shaded space, the Blue Mouse Ears hosta is a tight low growing variety that will grow nicely along the garden edge.

There are many natives that can be added to your perennial plants list for your shade garden.  A good choice, especially if you are a beginning gardener, is the heuchera or coral bells, as they’re commonly called. Bright leafed heucheras are the Electric Lime, Southern Comfort, Georgia Peach and Cajun Fire. These evergreen perennial plants are long-lived and colorful additions.

The Lenten Rose or Hellebore is another evergreen perennial that adores lightly shaded areas. Plants this tough garden plant and enjoy the beautiful blooms produced in late winter to mid spring. Hellebores bloom at a time of the year when little else is in color.

Add these shade loving plants to your perennial plants list as choice plants to begin your shade garden. As your garden plants grow, you will want to fill in blank spaces. Feel comfortable in testing plants for the area, too.

Finding the best perennial shade plants for your shade garden is an ongoing process. Plant plants that you enjoy watching grow and appreciate how they add character to an otherwise dark garden area.

Planting Small Fruiting Plants within the Landscape an Age Old Idea

What do Europeans know that we, Americans, don't? Well, they've been planting fruiting plants right alongside shrubs and perennials for centuries. It's time we followed suit and did the same.

The average American home should be able to incorporate 3 to 6 blackberry or raspberry plants. Taller growing blueberry shrubs make a good choice as a hedge. Strawberry plants can be planted in unused open areas and make a great substitute for growing grass.

Cheryl Jones, owner of Greenwood Nursery, notes, "I've been promoting the European concept of planting small fruiting plants within the landscape for the last 10 years in our gardening newsletter, on our website and to customers. It's such a great feeling to be able to provide yourself and your family with the summer's fresh fruits that came from just outside your door."

Fruiting plants do require mostly sunny areas and soil with high organic content which can be accomplished by adding aged compost or aged manure mix in the holes at the time of planting.

Visit GreenwoodNursery.com to buy small fruiting plants for your landscape.

Eating fresh blackberriesblueberries and strawberries as they mature over the summer months is so refreshing and to know that they came from your own plants is comforting.

Steve and Cheryl Jones started Greenwood NurseryMcMinnville, TN, in 1978 as a  propagation and wholesale nursery. In 1998, they took their plant catalog online offering a wide selection of garden plants to the home gardener, and, now, Greenwood Nursery is an online plant nursery and garden center shipping plants throughout the continental United States.

For further information or to place an order, please visit https://www.greenwoodnursery.com/.  Questions may be sent by email or by phone during office hours, Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm central time.

Where to Buy Plants Online for Your Garden

Garden lovers are always excited to have beautiful plants in their home garden. You may have planned for a colorful landscape at your home but the biggest problem is that you often have limited options around us to buy different varieties of plants. Actually there are lots of varieties of flowering shrubs, perennials, ground covers, as well as indoor and more outdoor plants; one can make selection as per weather conditions of surrounding area and space in his house. Once you have identified sufficient space in your garden then you can buy your plant varieties online; it might seem strange to buy plants from the internet but actually there are venders who are ready to serve you for complete landscaping as plants are the best option for adding curb appeal to your house. If you are searching for top rated plant nursery websites that can provide you quality and variety of plants for complete home landscaping then www.greenwoodnursery.com can be one of the best online nurseries for you.

This website is preferred by plant lovers throughout the United States for their great collection of plants and trustworthy services. One of the best things to know about this website is their guaranteed services with option to make open selection of plants from well managed online nursery. Here you will be able to get huge list of plants ranging from A to Z . Some of the best flowering collections of this website are Perennials, Shrubs, Roses, trees, ground covers, and many more. 

GreenwoodNursery.com can help make your gardening ideas become a reality. They welcome bulk plant orders and are well known for their friendly assistance. This best online plant nursery provides you amazing opportunity to lead your go green theme on large scale. If you are interested to buy a unique collection of garden plants then peruse their online plant catalogs

If you are just starting with your new garden then you will want to buy flowering plants for seasonal color.  You can find combinations of perennials, trees and shrubs at affordable garden plant prices

This online nursery will provide you some of the best offers for your orders of plants. www.greenwoodnursery.com provides you best option to add more beauty and privacy to your wonderful landscape around your house and backyard. With a 100 percent safe and secure shopping environment here you can place orders for small fruiting plants, vines, shrubs, trees, roses, ground covers, shade perennials and more. You might be interested to collect medicinal plants for your nursery; Greenwood Nursery can provide you best collection of plants that have various medicinal benefits. If you are thinking to create a nature friendly garden at your home, roof or backyard then this website provides you best opportunity to order your seasonal plants and flowers. Some of the beautiful plant packages are designed to serve your balcony, green corners and room areas with most beautiful collection of plants.

With changing lifestyle we are becoming busier with our work schedule and there is less time to spend outside in our gardens. It is best time to create your garden space that can be dedicated for beautiful flowering plants only. Order your favorite plants from this online plant store.  Greenwood Nursery will provide you with beautifully healthy plants at the most affordable plant prices and the best customer service.

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Planting Roses Into Your Landscape

Roses are a mainstay in most gardens and landscapes. They have been staples in gardens for hundreds of years. Enjoyed all over the world, roses are a welcome and beautiful sight. Today, roses are just as desired as they ever have been in typical gardens, but the performance requirements has changed. The roses well suited for culture have to not only be beautiful, but they have to be disease resistant, easy to care for, and they must be able to tolerate a wide range of conditions. Not ever rose bush can hold up to these demands of today. Thankfully, rose breeders have developed varieties to make planting roses into your landscape for decades of beauty and enjoyment.

There are a few types of roses that are bred for landscape use. Knockout Rose Shrubs are one type that has been around for a little while, but they haven’t been around for very long. Bred by Will Radler, in the short time knockouts have been on the market they’ve quickly become standards as a go-to for landscape use. 

Residential and commercial landscapes all over the world have used knockout roses for their superb disease resistance, neat habit, and long bloom time. They are larger mature shrubs than other types, but they work well under a variety of conditions. They are good for creating a hedge, as screens, and as barriers. They are also fantastic specimen shrubs. They come in many colors, from white to luscious red, even multi-colored and double blooms. OSO Easy roses are short spreading roses that come in a variety of colors that are also very easy to grow and disease resistant. 

Ground Cover Drift Roses are also another type of rose, derived from the Knock Out series. They are a dwarf rose that are perfect for small spaces in the landscape. They are also considered as ground cover roses.

Much of the breeding of these very hardy and beautiful landscape roses has a foundation in the hardy and US native Rugosa rose, known as the species of rose called Rosa rugosa. Naturally resistant to the typical diseases that garden roses fall prey to, supremely hardy in most all climates, heavily scented and lovely, Rugosa roses are making their name in landscapes and gardens. They are single petaled, usually bright pink, and heavily scented with a sweet rose scent. They have many uses in gardens and landscapes. They are great hedges and work wonderfully on fencerows, and in foundation plantings. They are long-blooming and much enjoyed by native pollinators. The hips can be harvested and made into jellies, jams, and perfuming waters. Care is as easy as it is for the Knockout, OSO, and Drift series of roses.

We offer another shrub with the name of “rose”, but they’re not really roses at all. Rose of Sharon Shrubs is another hardy, beautiful blooming landscape and garden shrub that’s actually a hibiscus. They come in many colors, from white to blue. They can be bi-colors too. They are usually pruned to suit a shrub-size in form, but rose of Sharon shrub specimens are common when they aren’t pruned, as they can grow quite large.

With these beautiful landscape candidates, pruning roses, battling with disease, and worrying over hardiness won’t be an issue in your garden.

Greenwood Nursery offers a great selection of affordable rose shrubs for any landscape or garden setting plus trees, perennial plants, ground covers, small fruiting plants, and more.

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Sweet Pecan Trees are the Largest of the Hickory Trees

Pecan TreesCarya illinoinensis, are one of the largest of the hickory trees. Generally growing 75 to 100 feet tall, the trunks often mature in the 2 to 4 foot diameter range. Hardy Pecan is native to the lower Mississippi Valley region from the river valley of Iowa, extending into areas of Kansas and Ohio and on south to Alabama. 

Yellow flowers of the Juglandaceae Carya illinoinensis appear in April to May. While both male and female flowers are on the same plant, they are not within the same flower and are pollinated by wind. Excessive rainfall during the flowering period may prevent pollination

By late summer, the sweet pecan tree has defined buds that grow until ripening in September to October. 
The Pecan fruit is an oval or pear shaped nut enclosed in green husks turning from brown to black as they ripen. When mature, the husks become dry and split away from the nut. 

Most pecan trees begin some nut production as early as 3 to 5 years old. Though, typically Pecan trees do not begin good production until 6 to 8 years with some natural stands not producing until even older. 

Established, mature trees (approximately 15 to 20 years old), cleaned nuts should average about 100 to 160 per pound. Good crops are produced at intervals of 1 to 3 years.

Plant in full sun.  We recommend installing Miracle Tree Tubes on your pecan plants for protection and growth assistance. For individual plants, use the Plant Survival Package which contains only 1 Miracle Tube with accessories.

To learn everything you need to know about growing Pecan trees, visit this link, University of Florida IFAS Extension article on The Pecan Tree